Our Mission

The Mission of Hall is to provide services that will educate, enrich and empower the lives of residents of all ages of the East Side of Bridgeport and the surrounding community.

History of Hall

In 1886, a group of community minded women started an organization to help young migrant families adjust to life in the industrious and growing community of Bridgeport, CT. One of the founders, Sarah Hall, donated her home as a residence for young women. The women of “Hall Home” received training and job placement assistance in the domestic and industrial sectors of the community. During the turn of the century, Hall House expanded into two residences in downtown Bridgeport and began offering nursery and day-care services. Hall House continued to expand and in 1957 became what in now known as Hall Neighborhood House.

HNH moved to its present day location on the east side. Hall Neighborhood House has continued to expand and now serves the Greater Bridgeport area as a leader in social services in the community. Hall Neighborhood House now offers programs in early learning and child care, preschool, social services, youth and senior citizen programs, and recreation.


The Associated Charities, a forerunner of Hall, came into being in 1886 when a group of community women found they shared a common concern for the social problems of young women migrating from overseas and rural areas to work in local industries. In 1901, Mrs. Sarah Hall donated her home on Golden Hill Street to be a place where these young women could live, receive moral guidance, and find wholesome expression for their leisure needs. The residents of “Hall Home” received training in household and industrial skills and assistance in finding employment. In 1957, Hall moved to its present location in the east side of Bridgeport near the former Father Panik village public housing complex, which was a low income community with increasing social and economic problems. Hall has grown substantially since then providing services to children and families in the areas of childcare, early learning, youth and recreation programs, and senior citizens’ services.


Together we can make life better

With the help of people like you we are able to provide services that enrich the lives of children, families and all individuals in our community.